About Newington Emergency Medical Services

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Newington Emergency Medical Services is the primary EMS service for the town of Newington and serves the town by responding to 911 calls, fire rehabilitation, mass casualty incidents, community standbys events, and community education.

To better care for the citizens of Newington, the Newington Volunteer Ambulance Corps was founded in 1969. Originally staffed by a handful of people, a converted fire station, and used ambulance, the Corps has served the town of Newington to this day. The corps was renamed Newington Emergency Medical Services in 2015 to better represent the work of our members. 

The current roster of 56 people, 4 active ambulances, a staff services vehicle, and a dedicated Mass Casualty Incident response vehicle all work out of our modern headquarters located behind the Market Square plaza on John Stewart Drive.

Services Newington EMS Provides


NVA Ambulance Responding
NVA Crew Lifestar Helicopter
9-1-1 Services

NEMS provides the town of Newington with Emergency Medical Services and responds to
9-1-1 calls from 6pm-6am Monday through Friday and 24 hours a day on the weekends and holidays. In the event of inclement weather or states of emergency, NEMS will staff additional ambulances due to increases in call volume.


Stand-by Events


Throughout the year NEMS is called upon to stage ambulances at certain events in Newington and surrounding towns. 


In the event of an EMERGENCY CALL 9-1-1
NVA Building 71 John H Stewart Drive
Training & Education

Monthly trainings are held at NEMS, including specialized trainings for our experienced members as well as our probationary members. 

As part of our continuing education and commitment to the continuation of volunteer EMS agencies, NEMS hosts Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes at our headquarters.


Field Training for New Members at NEMS

Training is continually ongoing at NEMS, as new protocols are introduced and new technology becomes available, NEMS is always on the cutting edge. We train our members to be prepared and ready for whatever they are called to.

Realistic Emergency
Training Scenarios


NEMS members are trained in the field to adapt, perform and maneuver as they would on a call. Emergency scenarios are set up as realistically as possible to better educate and allow members to experience calls with the guidance and mentorship of their FTO. 


All Probationary Members are required to complete trainings like these before being cleared to become a full member of NEMS.

NEMS's Field Training Officer Program 


Our Field Training Officers (FTOs) are selected based on their teaching ability and experience at Newington EMS. After FTOs are trained they are assigned an incoming member for the duration of their six month probationary phase.


Joining Newington EMS will prepare you for the challenging and rewarding experience as an EMT in a busy suburban EMS agency.



Probationary Meetings  


To better ensure that Probationary Members are learning the basic skills required for their time with crews on 911 calls, we require each Probationary Member to attend monthly Probationary (only) trainings, held by the FTOs. 


Topics for these training include:

  • Basic and advanced backboarding techniques

  • Equipment operations

  • Medical/trauma scenarios

  • Scene command and on scene safety tips