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Frequently Asked Questions

Who handles the billing for Newington EMS?
Certified Ambulance Group is our billing agency
1-800-336-6402 or 860-257-9201
P.O. Box 290184, Wethersfiled, CT  06129-0184

Web site:

How may I get a copy of my bill?
Contact Certified Ambulance Group 

How does billing work and why is my bill so high?
The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health establishes the rates in which ambulance services can charge for services. Please reference CGS § 19a-179-21 - Rate setting for emergency medical services. Newington EMS follows this rate schedule and has never requested an increase above the state set rates. Newington EMS charges patients who are transported. Charges may apply for a patient that is pronounced/presumed dead.
Why am I being billed if I pay taxes and am a resident of Newington?
Connecticut law does not allow an ambulance service to selectively bill patients. We must either bill everyone or no one. Additionally, the money we receive from patient billing offsets the amount  we require in order to operate. If you didn’t receive a bill, your taxes would be higher to compensate for this lost revenue.

Why didn’t my insurance company pay for this?
Our billing department may not have your latest insurance information on file. Please call Certified Ambulance Group (860-257-9201) to update this information. Please note: Not all transports are approved by insurance companies. Please contact our billing agency for more information.

I cannot afford this bill. What can I do?
Newington EMS recognizes that budgeting for an emergency ambulance ride is not always possible. Newington EMS also assures you that regardless of ability to pay, we stand committed to providing you the same level of professional care you have come to expect. Our billing agency will work with you to arrange payment plans and other options, etc. Please contact them as soon as possible to avoid your account going to collections.

How do I pay my bill?
You may pay your ambulance bill in several different ways.  You can pay your bill by check or credit card by contacting our billing agency.  You may also pay your bill online (coming soon)

How do I get a copy of my records?
All requests for medical records should be directed to our office team at

How safe is my medical information?
Very! The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ensures the safety and privacy of your medical information. Newington EMS meets national standards for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information.
What hospitals may I be transported to?
Newington EMS transports patients to the closest appropriate hospital. Hospitals that Newington EMS may transport to include: Hartford Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, CT Children’s Medical Center, Manchester Memorial Hospital, UCONN Medical Center, and Midstate. 

Can you transport me to the doctor’s office?
Newington EMS is a 9-1-1 only service which means that our service only transports patients to a hospital emergency department.

I need an ambulance standby for an event, how do I set that up?
Please contact our office staff at for rates and to schedule an ambulance for your event. 
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